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The Faketory is an international oriented Art Studio. Creative and art director Martijn Crowe started The Faketory / De Oplichterij in Rotterdam 8 years ago. It was famous within a year for its strange exhibition of art, artists, poets, musicians, books and good coffee. The Faketory started a branch in Antwerp, São Paulo and Amsterdam. Apart from painting and working with photography and video to create art, Martijn Crowe started working with homeless people, teenagers, dragqueens and elderly around the world.
Several of these projects are to be seen at these websites:

Doing Dreams – teenagers

Homeless of the World

Dragqueens of the World

We work with an international team of 10 people, led by the creative director and a marketing director.  For several projects we are looking for inspiring people, who are willing and able to contribute to the world. For this we designed 3 internships in the area of social media, events and funding & exhibitions. All interns can operate from our studio in the center of Amsterdam, and will be directed by the marketing director.

Start: yesterday or anytime possible

Min. hours a week: 

to be agreed on

Compensation: to be agreed on

1. Internship Social Media

Making The Faketory known worldwide, through social media. Design a strategy, execute our social media strategy, and manage other employees on an operational level. This includes the following activities:

  • Orientation on all products and the playing field of The Faketory.
  • Making an overview of all communication methods we use e.g. twitter and facebook, and keep track of our activities there
  • Contributing to a meaningful social network at facebook and other social media.
  • Research target groups of The Faketory, where they are on internet and how they use it.
  • Research which communication methods are useful and draft a coherent communication strategy.
  • Design and execute our use of social media, connect them all in best possible way.
  • We have a bonus project, a new idea to sell art to everybody and create a community of artist online. If it fits, you can contribute to the creation of this online art project.
    2. Internship Funding and exhibition
    There are many ways to get funding for art projects, more traditional and also through other media, such as crowdfunding. This intern will be looking for ways to exhibit our (social engaged) work internationally and publish books on our projects. Our focuspoints are the dragqueens, homeless and elderly projects. This means doing the following things:
    • Orientation on all products and the playing field of The Faketory.
    • Exploring the international field for exhibitions and funding for our subjects.
    • Creating a plan for funding and exhibition of at least 4 projects, together with the marketing director.
    • Writing proposals for funding, as well as creating and maintaining social media projects for crowdfunding.
    • Networking  with any important people in this field.
     Important skills for all interns:
    ü  Independent working attitude

    ü  Communicative

    ü  Strategic thinking

    ü  Thorough knowledge of English language

    ü  Knowledge of one more world language, or Dutch

    ü  Creative being

    ü  Interested in others

    ü  Text editing

    ü  Able to rapidly learn new knowledge

    ü  Research skills

    Interested? You are always welcome for a coffee in The Faketory, Omval 425 Amsterdam. Give us a call at 0617385262, or e-mail at
    Sabya van Elswijk

    director Marketing

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