Festival Totem & Tabu

In a naturally relaxed atmosphere of Nieuw en Meer a social art festival took place during the penultimate weekend in October. Inside the dome, where the exhibition was set, Martijn Crowe’s photographs and paintings were shown as well as totem installations made by Richard Mulder, concerning environmental issues. The Dhaka project giant banner which portrayed random images and faces, in a photographed or painted form, dominated the outer interior of the dome, while the centre was reserved for a special compartment where the projection of documentary about frenetic Dhaka’s traffic was held along with the aforementioned photowork dealing with the topics of homelessness, poverty and transgenderness. In other words, dedicated to giving an expression to widespread social issues in Bangladesh and other developing countries which struggle with the same problems. On the other hand, Mulder’s carvings blended nature and art together, thus providing an ecological perspective to the festival.

A kind of a tribal music that was playing inside the ”atelier”, as well as the traffic noises incorporated into documentary, contributed to the audio experience, while the sandy floor gave a tactile dimension. A breath of fresh forest air, trampolines and a nice grass field to run around and kick a ball offered a welcomed break from the city’s constructed concrete ambience. It also complemented the easy going character of the exhibition that in the same time made us think about its main theme – how to make a change.

What do YOU contribute to the world?

You can find the press release here.



Pictures by Martijn Crowe, Richard Mulder, Ronald Merkesteijn and Robert Pennekamp.


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