Street Art



This Photo gives the same reason why we leave fucking Pays Bays, and go to Brasil! Land of honest liberalism, good for the rich, bad for the poor.

Be sure that in The Netherlands you are not longer defined as a human being but as a Customer. Even when you go to a doctor, need any care or when you go to school, you are no longer a patient or a pupil but a fucking customer. A world in which everybody is reduced to a customer is worse than a fascist society. In the Netherlands you no longer get care when needed but you get a budget and than you can buy care. From a careundertaker, who tries to be as cheap and dirty as possible. We need to get rid of that, need to get rid of banks like ABNAMRO that fights with the governments over the head of their customers, ruining many of them. Fuck ABNAMRO and their losers called bankers.

Photography by: Martijn Crowe

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