International Film and Gender Studies festival Imperfectu, which started yesterday in Mexico, offers a wide range of activities – films, music, art and lectures. The mission of the festival is to explore the possibilities that sex, gender and sexuality fields offer. At the same time it celebrates and examines the diversity of gender identities. The program of the festival includes topics dealing  with homosexuality, the LGBTI refugees in Mexico, imperfection as normality and many more.

Martijn Crowe, the artistic director behind the project Drag Queens of the World, will give a talk named “Transformations and Exaggerations  on the 5th of April.

“If there is at least one gay in a town, there will be a gay bar. If there is a gay bar, there will be a drag queen entertaining there” – says Martijn.
It is a tight relation between drag queens and the environments they are a part of – but what is this relation? How do the drag queens contribute to the world, and what benefit does society give back to the drag queens?

Martijn asks questions about the production of the phenomenon of Drag Queens. As all gender expressions, Drag Queens are social constructions. But what is behind this construction?

To what question is the Drag Queens a response?

Excerpts of the talk will be published on this website after it has taken place. The talk is a part of our large project Drag Queens of the World. We are currently finalizing the project by making it into a book. Stay tuned to support our crowdfunding campaign and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Check the full program of Imperfectu festival her.


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