In our building, there live Sam Siu and his wife Kam Kiam. In their house live their 4 daughters, a brother, and around 6 little children. When we came in to make a picture of Mrs Kiam, we found Sam Siu sleeping on the floor in a corner of the room, while 5 women were playng cards in the other corner, laughing and making noise. The children around the women. When we came in, all the women and children started talking to and touching our 2 year old son, Sét. Sam Siu woke up and saw us and our camera equipment. He called his grandson, a young man, and helped us install the lightbox. During the photoshoot he was sitting closeby watching. When it was his turn to be portayed, he sat down completely still. We did not speak Khmer, as he did not peak English, so communication was almost without words. 

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