In the projects I do, I let people show themselves. I show myself, in daily life, through my work, in contacts with the people around me. That’s my art. Most people are busy hiding, behind behaviour, behind their appearance, behind their possessions, behind their position. At the same time seems wearing a mask seems to be the only way to survive the day to day violence of everyday man. They need a definition otherwise they can not deal with each other. And every definition is a killing mask. The question is: when do we need to wear a mask and when do we need to show ourselves? This recurrent question inspires to make art. So the mask is ambiguous and complex. Like Nietzsche said: ‘All that is deep wears a mask.’ He inspired me to continuously use masks in my work.
photography by: Martijn Crowe

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Fri Jan 16 , 2015
www.thefaketory photography by: Martijn Crowe