As an international art and research studio we love to work together with people, and create a space to develop your talents and gain many experiences. We created 5 internships at The Faketory Amsterdam:

The Faketory is an international Art Studio dedicated to share the significance and cultural value of social art. Social art is more then merely ‘l’art pour l’art’, art solely for commercial or private ends. Social art is about sharing the human spirit in all its diversity through mediums of creative expression like painting, photography and film. It is coming from a deep felt humanity and is aimed to make the world a better place.

Martijn Crowe and Sabya van Elswijk started working with homeless people, teenagers in back worth situations, drag queens and elderly around the world.

Our main question: What do you contribute to the world?


The Faketory works with an international team of 10 people, led by the creative director Martijn, business director Sabya, and a day to day marketing director Dorinde. There are several projects that are in need of inspiring people, who are willing and able to make a difference.

To achieve this vision we designed 5 internships in the area of :

  1. Marketing and communication
  2. Events
  3. Design
  4. Websites/social media
  5. Funding and networking

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Photography by Martijn Crowe

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