The Chair

When we sit in a Coffee Company in Amsterdam; because it gives a feeling of freedom to pay 10 dollar for two cups of coffee instead drinking it at home for 50 cents, we are always surrounded by people who communicate in a way that has become normal because everybody does it: structured by script, denial, projection, alienation, transfer and contra transfer, childish exhibitionism and all that other nice well understood behavior that prohibit intimacy and just being there and being
playful. So I prefer to have a headset with music. But nevertheless, I for the first time started to understand that reincarnation could be true. All these human beings, so hard striving for intimacy are punished to live together in a hell like this, just because they misbehaved in a a former life, as animal that is. Stays the question what a fly could have misdone to deserve the punishment to become a human being like these ones.
So fuck you all.

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