Since the day it opened its doors, De Lellebel has been the meeting place in Amsterdam for everyone who does not label themselves with the traditional gender labels ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

On SundayJune 8th something unique will happen at De Lellebel: an international famous & infamous artwork will be donated to this special place.

A photo collage inspired by Botticelli’s work The Crucifixion of Christ will be revealed in the presence of the artist, Martijn Crowe.

The untitled collage is a controversial artwork. Exhibitions displaying it were forced to close in Brazil, Thailand and Argentina. In this work, Crowe uses nude models from around the world; of all genders and ages. In Boticelli’s painting we see a suffering Jesus on the cross. Crowe has replaced Christ with an inviting transgender: Symbol for diversity. A diversity many religions preach, but don’t practice!

This is one of the many artworks Crowe, together with The Faketory art studio, has produced over the last years in his fight for the visibility of people who do not fit within the general standards in their country, and that their society tries to hide.

The artist Crowe, who is in the Netherlands for an international crowdfunding campaign for the book Drag Queens of the World, will give a lecture on the phenomena of Drag Queens, into which he has done research on all continents. He and his team collaborated with local Drag Queens to make portrait photos, gather personal stories and collect background information about the culture around the Drag Queens. An international crowdfunding campaign is started on Indiegogo in order to print a book about this research.

Hans Wijtenburg, owner of Drag Show bar De Lellebel: “The work of Martijn Crowe has touched me deeply. Even though I walked this particular world for many years, and knowing how much aversion we still need to overcome, I think what this work does in the way of breaking taboos is tremendous. It is an honour to have this work in De Lellebel”.

Press and guests are welcome to the vernissage on June 8th, 6 PM at De Lellebel, Utrechtsestraat 4, Amsterdam. Registration and more information through / 06-17385262.


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