Meghna Chowdchury

Meghna Chowdchury is the female character Robin created to enact what he feels inside. Talking to me he said “I look like a man, a boy, but I feel like you, a woman, I think like you, I would like to gossip hours, and do girly things. Would I like to be a woman? I am, inside. But I can never completely change. I will always have to go back to my family here in Bangladesh, and I could never do that if I changed. So Meghna will always have to be a veil, I can put of.” Being gay, let alone being a dragqueen or transgender in Bangladesh is only accepted by a fe other homosexuals. Other then that noone can know that Robin is Meghna or Meghna is Robin.

A0001447 copy

Photography by Martijn Crowe

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